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Regent Courier Services

Incorporated on Dec 24th 1992, Regent Courier Service (GST Registered) has been offering excellent and timely courier service for the past 22 years. Our success has led us to be recognised and trusted as one of the leading courier service companies in Singapore.

The success of the company has been down to the structure and experience from every single channel in our organisation's hierarchy.
Our Director has had a background history with SATS (Passenger Services Department) along with 23 years as Director of Operations in the travel industry. Along with that, our partners have had over 20 years of experience within the courier service industry prior to our incorporation.

Most of our staff have been with the company for more than 10 years. With a fleet of 10 Vans and 28 Dispatch Riders, we don't just guarantee excellence through experience, but efficiency as well.

We specialise in our "super quick service" (Within 2 hrs for motorbike courier, and 3 hrs for van delivery). Throughout the years, we have always remained true to our mantra of "delivering on time" with problems always reverted back to our customers immediately.

Additionally, our long term customers share a strong relationship with us, such that they have always shared their experience with us through word of mouth.

We gurantee that you'll be satisfied with our full spectrum of services everyday!

Rain or Shine Courier

Incorporated on the 5th of March 2003, Rain or Shine Courier (Non-GST Registered) was established to aid customers/companies who could not claim GST.

Just like it's parent company, Rain or Shine Courier promises to deliver an excellence of service with it's vastly experience top management, and efficiency through our well dedicated and committed team.

If you need something delivered "by hand" urgently, anywhere in Singapore,
you can count on Regent Courier Service & Rain or Shine Courier.


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